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   Chapter 200 falling in love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4273

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Her words suddenly depressed the whole room. Holding Hannah in his arms, Moore talked to her in a low voice, so did other people, making the room fall into a depression. At this moment, however, Bella cheered and said, "It's time for us to have lunch, children!"

All of a sudden, the room became noisy. Inside the house, Brian was the first to rush to them. He put his arm around Cora's shoulder and said, "Auntie, what children? Do you think it was 20 years ago? Who is not as tall as you now? How dare you call us children? "

"But even if you're about sixty or eighty years old, you're still kids in my eyes!"

With a smile on his face, Albert also wrapped his arms around Bella's neck and said, "Okay, okay. We are all kids! Then my dear mother, could you please tell us what you cooked for us this noon? Do you have my favorite crab cream? "

"Yes! My son likes it so I have to cook it for him. You brat! You often don't come back for dinner even if I cook something you like! Your parents come back as well. It's a rare opportunity for our family to get together. We should often have meals together! For all these years, you haven't had a good meal with your biological parents. If you have time, come back often Or you can move back instead of living in blue water

ief. He put the remote control on the table, stood up and grabbed the car key. "I have a meeting in the afternoon, so I should go now. Hope you have a good chat, and I won't come back for dinner this evening, bye!"

"Hey, Albert. I have something to tell you!" However, when Stella was about to say something, he suddenly froze and turned around slowly. "Aunt, if you have something to say, just wait for me. The meeting is very urgent and we can't delay it!"

"If it is too urgent, I will call Fred first and let him preside over the meeting! You are not the only boss in this company! You stay and listen. Let's see what Stella is going to say to you. " Then, Carter took out his phone and made a phone call to Fred. Being helpless, Albert had no choice but to sit down again. He pulled his tie with a sullen face and said impatiently, "Say it!"

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