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   Chapter 199 fall in love with her at the first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4390

Updated: 2020-02-05 00:22

"Hey, what do you mean, Moore? Why do you still talk about me? Can you swear that you weren't like this before? You've dated a lot of women! After all, I have a star's identity to consider. What about you? You had nothing, you didn't fear of the paparazzi, you didn't fear of the exposure of the media, you use to chase much more women than me!"

Hearing what Brian said, Moore held her wife into his arms stiffly and said, "Um, bro, could you don't talk nonsense? Who had chased after women before? I used to be a straight-A student, and now I'm a model husband. Don't damage my reputation in front of my wife! "

Without any hesitation, Brian ran up and gave a hard punch on Moore's shoulder. Then he leaned in front of Hannah and said, "Listen, I'm telling you, you can only believe my second brother in ten sentences. The rest of the sentences are the symbols! All of us here can testify that my brother was very bold before marrying you! Is he very good at bed? He learned it from other women! "

Hearing what brain said, Hannah grabbed the ear of Moore and said, "Tell me honestly, is it true what Brain said?"

"Oh, dear, let me go, let me go! How could you take his words seriously? You are my only wife. I love you the most! Love you! "

"Damn it!" Seeing what was happening between Moore and Hanna

most contribution to our family! "

"Your words are too polite! If I had told Brain this, he would have been furious and shouted at me! It seems that you've been taught very well by my aunt and uncle. " Davis smiled. Then he turned to Christine who was sitting next to Albert and asked, "Christine, what's wrong with you? You used to be the most talkative one in our family! Why are you so silent like your brother? "

"I think Albert is the smartest person in our family! Since he was a child, he knew that the more he spoke plainly, the more likely he would make a mistake. On the contrary, if he didn't say anything wrong, he wouldn't make any! In order not to make me say anything wrong, I think I'd better say less! I don't want to say anything wrong to implicate the innocent! But my level is not as good as that of my forth brother. I still need to improve it! "

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