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   Chapter 198 love at the first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4299

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After waving goodbye to Albert, she turned around and ran towards the alley. It was not until he couldn't see her that he started the engine. Not long after he left, at the place where he had just stopped, an unremarkable car stopped. The door slowly opened, and Betty stepped out of it. She was wearing a fashionable dress.

Standing at the entrance of the alley, Betty looked at the direction where Albert disappeared and said in disbelief, "Mr. Albert, you had ignored your identity as the CEO of Ricky International and the fourth son of the Cheng family. She has no parents since she was a child. She didn't get her diploma and she had to take care of her brother who is seriously ill. You unexpectedly lived in this slum with the poor Cinderella girl! 'Albert, do you really love this woman so much? However, since I chose to come back and stand in front of you this time, you've given me hope again. Since you haven't forgotten our love, I will never allow this woman to take away everything that belongs to me! "

She thought deep down and turned around to follow Yana. Silently, she followed Yana, seeing her go upstairs and disappeared at the door of one dilapidated house. Frowning, Betty was standing downstairs. She saw the clothes hanging in front of the window. It turned

tic issues! Your forth uncle is not as handsome as me. Why don't you throw yourself at Albert all the time? " Brian asked in a jealous tone as he approached, shaking his sunglasses.

However, the jealousy in his words didn't work on Alice at all. Instead, she hugged Albert tightly and pouted, "The forth uncle is fragrant, the third uncle is smelly!"

Hearing this, Brian immediately raised his arm and sniffed and said, "No? How could it be stinky? I think there must be something wrong with your aesthetic! "

Knowing her daughter so well, Moore put on a smile and said, "What my daughter means is that you are mixed with a lot of women's perfume and so stinky! Albert's body has always been filled with women's favorite taste of dragon saliva, so in Alice's eyes, he is the most handsome one according to her aesthetic sense and sense of smell! "

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