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   Chapter 195 love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4436

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"Do you want to buy any food? I'll go with you! I have nothing to do anyway. " As he spoke, Albert extended one of his hands to hold Yana's, and led her out. Yana walked to the door and changed her shoes. She looked at Joe and said, "Bro, we will go shopping together. You should stay at home."

"Okay, I will!"

Joe's reply set her mind at rest. They walked through a deep alley, hand in hand. The Lamborghini was parked in front of them. The probability of luxurious cars appearing in the slums of the city was like a comet hit the earth! So as soon as Albert showed up, he became the focus.

Just as Yana waited at the roadside, Albert drove over and called Yana to get on the car. Yana felt that this time, she was totally watched by all the people, as if she was on tenterhooks, which made her feel a little embarrassed. Although Albert also lived here before, it was the first time for them to appear together. Being watched by everyone didn't feel good.

"What's wrong? You are now a popular star. Are you afraid of being watched? "

"No, I'm not afraid of being watched by so many people, but I'm afraid that they are looking at me with black glasses! I don't want to be talked about as a potential rule or something! "

"Okay, I get it!" Albert smiled. He drove the car fast on the road and stopped at the gate

andsome boy of thirty years old!' She looked at Davis and said with a smile, "Davis, you have been in F Area for so many years and have been busy with your work. Don't forget to find a wife!"

Davis chuckled bashfully. Before he could say anything, Stella spoke first. "Don't worry! My son is so handsome and capable that a lot of girls will rub their eyes on him! Do you still remember the little assistant who accompanied Davis to Riyadh before? "

Frowning and thinking for a while, Bella asked, "Do you mean the girl named Queenie? She was beautiful, but a little bit cold! What's wrong? Does Davis have been 'waterfront towers, the first to catch the moon? "

"Yes! Over the years, Queenie had done a lot of things for Davis, but he had always been worrying about his health condition, so he hadn't promised. But it is Queenie's persistence that made him open his heart! "

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