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   Chapter 194 love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4256

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Yana smiled and pinched his chubby face. "Yes, you're getting fatter! Alas, you are going to be a fat pig. I can't afford you any more. What should I do? "

"It doesn't matter. I've grown up. I can support you."

"Really? That would be great! " Yana smiled and immediately took out a beautiful wrapped gift box from her backpack and handed it to Joe. She said, "This is what I saw when I got off the plane. Check it out to see if you like it?"

"What's this?" Puzzled, Joe opened the gift box. When he saw the limited version of the Bumblebee model, he smiled and said, "Pretty sister, I love it! But isn't it very expensive? "

"I will buy anything you like! I'm a famous star now. Don't worry. "

"Yes!" Joe nodded happily. Then he started to fiddle with the model. Seeing that he liked the model, Yana couldn't help but feel happy. Although it did cost her a lot of money to buy this model, it made him happy. Everything was worth it!

While they were talking and laughing, the door was suddenly pushed open. Startled, Yana turned around to see what was going on, only to find the doorway was pushed open by Albert. He was rushing so fast that it was hard for anyone to believe. Yana stood up. Albert was wearing casual clothes. If he was at work, how could he b

lked in the kitchen, Albert smiled at Joe and then followed in. Seeing that Yana was cleaning the empty fridge, he asked, "Where is Mrs. Lucy, the housekeeper you hired? Why is she not here? "

"Now that I've come back, I can take care of my little brother myself. She doesn't have to come to our house to take care of him anymore! In addition, hiring hourly workers also needs a lot of money. I'm not a rich person, so how can I have so many extra money to hire someone to serve us? " Yana's tone was helpless. After she cleaned up the fridge, she smiled at Albert, "Would you like to stay here for lunch?"

"Can't I?"

Yana smiled and shook her head. "It's not impossible! But... There is no more food for us to eat in our house! So if you want something delicious, I will go to the supermarket to buy it! I'll buy you whatever you like! "

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