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   Chapter 191 love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4515

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There was boundless silence all around. No one dared to make a sound. They were waiting for Carter's answer. Here, only the faint gasp of Gordon lying on the ground could be heard.

After a long while, Carter said coldly, "Stop!" Then all the people left. As soon as Christine was freed, she rushed over to Gordon and hugged him tightly. "Gordon, are you okay?"

"Gordon, listen to me carefully. I let you go today just because I don't want my daughter to be sad. Don't think you will be fine after I let you go! You'd better make sure that my daughter will be with you forever. Otherwise, as long as I get a chance, I will definitely kill you! " Carter said coldly, then turned to look at Christine and said, "Your decision now will directly affect his life and death! Go with me or stay with him? "


"Christine, go back with Dad!" To prevent Christine from saying more, Albert snapped. Turning to look at him, Christine nodded at him with a slight frown. Then she put Gordon down onto the ground and left with Carter.

Not long after they left, Albert took Gordon to the hospital. He handed him, who was covered in blood, to the doctor and waited anxiously in the corridor outside. After a short while, Brian came out and punched him with a fist. He laughed and scolded, "You bastard! You're always making troubles for me! As a car

and more quiet, and quarreled more and more frequently with her father! She wondered when they could make up! The two important figures in the family were in a bad mood. They also had no mood when working!

After a short while, Albert came back. When he walked into the house, he asked in a hurry, "Aunt Finny, where are my father and little sister?"

"Both Mr. Carter and Miss Christine have come back, but they are both angry. They locked themselves in their own rooms and never came out! Mr. Albert, it's good that you are back. Please go and persuade them! Especially Miss Christine, please don't let Miss Christine do anything stupid! "

"I know. Finny, don't worry. I'm going to see my father now!" Then, he knocked gently on the door of Carter's room. A vase flew towards the door and shattered into pieces before Carter said, "Get out! Don't bother me!" Carter's roar came from inside.

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