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   Chapter 189 love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4117

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"It's also a pleasure to drink good wine every day! Better than me. I can only deal with those cold guys. " Lewis shook the delicate wine glass in his hand and smiled with self-mocking.

Fred said, "But one year ago, you were also a playboy, weren't you? Unfortunately, after that woman ran away, you became a monk! Yes? Haven't you really slept with any woman for a year? I heard that if a man didn't touch a woman for half a year, he would become a virgin! "Lewis, do you really..."

"Fuck off!" Yelled Lewis as he slapped hard on Fred's chest. However, on the other side, Albert was drinking in silence and didn't say anything.

Normally, when they were together, Albert would never be so silent. But tonight, he seemed too silent! Lewis raised his glass and gently clinked it against the one in front of Albert. The clink of the glass startled Albert. He raised his head and saw a cunning smile on Lewis' face. "What's wrong?" he asked

"It was not dark yet, but you still looked absent-minded when you came out to drink with your buddies! Albert, don't tell me that you're longing for love. "

"You are the one who is longing for love!" Then Albert sneered and said, "Lewis, to be honest, you are the only son of

me to sober you up! Christine called me this morning and said that uncle Carter had went out with a lot of peoples. Nobody knew what happened. She was worried about him so she ran out to look for him. But in the end, she found that uncle Carter went to the small bar in the suburb and taken Gordon out! Christine now doesn't know what to do. She had called you for a few times, but no one answered. So she had to call me and asked me to find you. Hurry up! We don't have time! "

"How could my daddy know where Gordon is?" As soon as Albert heard Richie's words, he was also shocked, but he was only shocked for a moment. He quickly put on his shoes, and before he had time to say goodbye to them, he got on his car and quickly drove to the small bar in the suburb.

Sitting in the car, Albert dialed John's number.

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