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   Chapter 184

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4367

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"Aiken is right. This is our hometown! Although he had decided to quit the organization and took the path of politics. Then he went to G City, he was still eager to go back to his hometown! Since your father said that he would stay in the C City, then we choose to be in C City. Anyway, as long as I know these people here, your parents know them too. So it doesn't matter at all. But you need to wait for your parents coming to discuss about the details. "

"Yes, Uncle Carter. I've promised Christine that I'll listen to you and my parents, "

"That's good, that's good! " Carter grinned from ear to ear and asked worriedly about the wedding preparations. On the other side, Albert kicked Christine's feet under the table and winked at her. They found an excuse to go upstairs.

As soon as she got in, the two persons sneaked into Christine's room. After he closed the door tightly, he turned to look at Christine and said, "Christine, what do you want to do? Richie has loved you for so many years. He has been in love with you since he could remember. Do you know how much he has suffered for you? I won't allow you to hurt Richie because of the wedding! "

"Albert, I am your sister! "

"There is no big difference between siblings! He said, 'Now that Richie is in trouble, I will do wha

father has loved most, but I really didn't expect that one day you would... "

"Albert, you know that's not what I think. I also hope that he can live longer, and I hope he will love me as before. I also hope that I can go back to the relationship as before But it's impossible now. Since our father decided to take me back from Country B, I have decided to break all ties with him! But if our father hadn't objected so strongly to my relationship with Gordon, I think we would not be like this now! What should I do? What should I do? Tell me, how did you feel when Betty left you? You really wanted to die? Let me tell you, that's how I feel now! Although you are alive now, do you still think you are still the same man as you used to be? Are you kidding me! I'm your sister and I have told you clearly that you are not the same man as you used to be! Don't you? "

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