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   Chapter 182

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He took his phone out of his pocket and turned off the light hastily. There was only dim light from the phone screen in the pitch dark room. He accidentally opened WeChat, only to find that Yana had already logged in her WeChat account, so he instantly sent a message to her, asking, "Eh, it's strange. I've stayed there for so long, and I don't think there is such a good signal. "

After that, he couldn't help going on and checked Twitter. The name of Twitter was "shadow of the dark". But his Twitter fans were far less than the four young men in the capital city, because he was very low-key and did not verify his identity, only people who was familiar with him knew it. But he was confident that if he had the ID confirmation, the number of his fans would be no fewer than the four young men in the capital city.

But as soon as he was on Twitter, the light of his mobile phone gleamed. He went back to WeChat to check the message from Yana. Did you have your meal? It's so late. Why don't you go to bed? "

"Of course, and it's a big meal, with fresh scallops and oysters! "

"Stop seducing me! Because it was no use at all! I want spicy

the hospital after she took a few days' rest. After making sure that she was treated well, he drove to the villa in the halfway. He thought of that when he left, the relationship between Christine and his father was still stiff, and his mother had also left. If they had a quarrel, he really didn't know what would happen. So he decided to go back and have a look.

The car was slowly driven into the villa, but he saw that Richie's off-road vehicle was parked in the garage. He stopped the car, threw the key to the driver, Daniel, and asked, "Is Richie here? "

"Yes, Mr. Richie has been here for a long time. He has been talking with Mr. Carter upstairs. "

"Okay. " 'Why didn't Christine scream and yell when he came here? Did anything happen when he was away?

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