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   Chapter 181

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4373

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"I have cooked for many years. If you leave, I still need to eat. "

"Here is the thing I thought you would still be unable to cook for me if I didn't act cute and act like a spoiled child and forced a noble man like you to come into the kitchen! So I thought that you would go back to your old life after I left. I didn't expect that you still remember to cook! "

"Something is boring, but I will get used to it gradually. And gradually I found that it was also a very interesting thing to cook, so I kept this habit. Sometimes I was tired from work, or unhappy when I was in a bad mood, I would cook a meal for myself in my apartment. Maybe the materials I made were not so luxurious, and the dishes I cooked were not so exquisite. But I think it's a kind of happiness to be late because there are delicious food. "

"Really? " Hearing that, Betty seemed to have no appetite for food in a short time. Gently, she put down the chopsticks and said, "I've been abroad for so many years that I really miss our previous life, but unfortunately I know that a lot of things have passed and can no longer go back to our previous life. You know what, Albert? I really hope that you will listen to your parents, give up on the past, find a new relationship, and get married and have your own child. Albert

ds made him feel guilty. Although he had no idea what had happened five years ago, he still felt terrible at the thought that his parents had forced her family to leave here with money, including all the people who knew them.

Suddenly, his heart was softened, which made his body react before his brain could react. He turned around to look at Betty and said, "Then I won't go. I'll stay with you tonight. "

"Thank you, Albert! " She looked at him with a smile, as if she was just a kid who finally got sweets, so happy and satisfied.

Seeing that Betty was so happy, he smiled too. She looked at him with loving eyes, as if he was the only one she could rely on. Then she held his hand softly and fell asleep on the back of his hand. Seeing that Betty had fallen asleep and he couldn't get his hands off her, he had no choice but to sit down with a bitter smile.

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