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   Chapter 179 love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4213

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Thinking of all this, Betty took a deep breath, and then drove away.

After resting for three days, Yana made up her mind to go back to the film crew to take part in the tense shooting process. Right then, Albert was watching on the spot. At that day, she was filming a fight scene when he was sitting at a corner playing his phone. The signal here was really bad. It was hard to find a game here that could ease the tension!

Feeling bored, he threw her cellphone aside and turned his head. It was Yana who had just finished one scene. The assistant took care of her and wiped off the sweat on her forehead while Yana drinking water to supplement the body energy. Then the martial arts director was explaining the next scene to them, she was listening it carefully.

Looking at the face of Yana that didn't wear any make-up, Albert felt that Yana was so concentrated and beautiful. Although her face was covered with dust, it couldn't hide her beauty. He couldn't help taking a picture of Yana with his phone. But as soon as he saved that picture, there was a signal, and a call appeared on the screen.

He frowned and looked at the call. Although there was no signal these days, he knew that Betty called him a lot. He didn't know what to say to

e for a few days, but I really forget the taste of food outside. I miss them so much!"

"Well, don't just sit here. Let's go to cook! It will keep you warm!"

"Okay!" With a bright smile, Yana happily walked up to them, hand in hand with Bella. Well, let the member of this big family warm her up and let her forget those unhappy things for the time being!

Four hours later, Albert arrived at the hospital in C City. In the general ward, Betty was put on a drip with her eyes closed and her face twisted in pain. As soon as she heard the door opened, she opened her eyes and saw him worn out. She was delighted. It seemed that he still cared about her. Otherwise, he wouldn't have come back so soon just because she called him. 'Yana, don't even think about getting yourself in a fight. You'll be humiliated, ' she swore to herself!

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