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   Chapter 178 love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4421

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"Here is the thing... Can I meet Miss Cherry first?"

"Of course you can! You are the person ordered by our president to go up to find him without notice. Of course you can also meet the people around our president! This way, please."

Hearing that, Betty nodded with a smile. Then she entered the elevator as soon as possible. Miss Cherry was in the Secretary office and directing everyone to work. All the staff in Ricky International were all talented students, who were all top talents in the society. But they were willing to work in Ricky international, not only because of the high salary here, but also because of the challenges unprecedented. As the saying went, "Rome was not built in one's hands". It was important to find a powerful enemy which one could constantly explore. That was what he pursued in one's whole life.

Even though Albert often scolded them whenever he had to deal with his work, they were still loyal to him. It was because they didn't know how powerful he was even though they had faced him so many years, and they wanted to work with such meticulous person. Only in this way could they keep on working instead of being satisfied with the current situation.

So even if he had disappeared for a year, the operations of their company would still be carried out as usual. There w

she went to eat French cuisine together that day, he could be attracted by Yana on the LED TV outside when facing her. What's the impossibility? She remembered that the girl named Yana had been hurt... Did he go to see Yana?

She was so jealous of the thought in her heart that she almost went crazy. She had expected that Yana and Albert might not have a simple relationship. She should have guessed it, shouldn't she? But why did he lie to her? Why didn't he tell her he had a new start the first time they met? Why did he give her hope but let her down?

But this time, I will not give up! It took me a lot of courage to come back, and I had never thought so much before. It was just because I hadn't seen you for five years. I just wanted to see you once, but you gave me so much hope that I would fall in love with you again uncontrollably. I won't give up so easily, no!

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