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   Chapter 177 falling in love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 3771

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Yana was stunned. "You? 'Wage earners'? A part-time worker? Mr. Albert, if you were a part-time worker of the wage earners, how could you make us, who always think highly of ourselves, feel ashamed?"

Looking at Albert with a sad face, he said, "So, this is the most miserable thing for me! There are so many people roaring at me every day, waiting for my pay every month. I finally bought my favorite shirt, but you used it as a pawn. Don't you think you should compensate me for it? Okay?"

"……" Yana's forehead drooped. In silence, she murmured, "You're a typical capitalist, aren't you?"

"I know! Damn it! You want to speak ill of me before you pay me!" Yana murmured in a low voice. Then, she pulled over the quilt and went to bed. Upon hearing Yana mumbling in a low voice, he couldn't help laughing. Her cute look made him feel better. Then he turned around and walked to the bathroom to wash his face.

When he came out, he found that Yana had already fallen asleep. She had stayed in the tent on the film set these days, so she had no time to have a good rest. Even if she had time, she couldn't sleep wel


However, in C City, there was someone who couldn't stay calm. That was Betty. She had been looking for him in his company for several times, but he didn't answer her phone calls. She was totally unable to calm down. The reason why she was always anxious was that she would never be able to calm down. She didn't expect that when she was about to inquiry from the company this time, the reception lady politely received her and said, "Hello, Miss Betty, the president is not here today!"

"So you don't know where he is?"

"How do the humble receptionist know our CEO's whereabouts? But I heard that Miss Cherry had called our CEO. It is Miss Cherry who makes all the decisions of our company these days on the phone with our CEO."

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