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   Chapter 176 love at first sight

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Stunned, he watched Yana who was going to sleep with his head covered. Then he reached out his hand, wanting her to wake up. Thinking that she had just woken up and hadn't completely recovered yet, his hand stopped in midair. After a long time, he sighed, stood up and walked outside the door, starting to make a phone call.

Hearing the sound of him walking out, Yana slowly put down the quilt and looked through the glass door. She saw him talking on the phone outside the door. The room might have a bad sound insulation effect, so even though he had lowered his voice when he talked, she heard a little.

"Tell them that the meeting will be held fifteen days later and everything will go on as usual... Can't you even find someone to substitute me to see what's going on? What's the point of raising you? Well, wait for me to go back and deal with everything. If someone comes to me, tell her that I have been out of town for work. There may not be frequent signal on my phone. If you have any problems, you can leave a message."

Then he hung up the phone and looked inside. As if having felt his gaze, Yana immediately pulled the quilt and covered herself with it to pretend to be asleep. It was not until then that she realized that there was no one else in the room. But when she heard the phone call from the other side, she w

s hand that was caressing her back suddenly froze, with a frown. Could he tell her that he came here for her? Was it really just an excuse to see his mother? Was she the most important reason for him?

These words kept resounding in his mind. He didn't blurt them out but swallowed them all. These were just the most common words that he couldn't find the right words to say!

They were cuddling up against the bed in silence. It was unknown how long Yana had been crying in his arms. Finally, it was quiet. Yana poked his head out of Albert' arms, wiped off the tears on her face and apologized, "I'm sorry. I've stained your shirt..."

Looking at the wet saliva on his chest, he smiled and said, "It's Okay. But my shirt is expensive. I feel so sorry if you waste it! I'm also a wage earner. This shirt worth tens of thousands of dollars! Why don't you buy one for me after you go back?"

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