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   Chapter 172 love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4189

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Turning on the TV, he tried to set the volume to the minimum. Then he turned around and sat on the sofa. Suddenly, he heard the "Ding Dong" sound on the phone. He frowned and looked at the screen. It was a voice memo. His secretary sent him the schedule of this day in advance as she did it every day. Look how dutiful his secretary was!

Albert opened the voice memo, put his mobile phone on the table, and looked up at the program on the TV screen. As he stared at the TV, the financial news was over and it started to play the entertainment news. Feeling bored, he took the remote control and was about to change the program. Suddenly, he saw a shocking title appear on the screen, "'The Heroine's sudden accident on the filming site. Now, please let our live reporters report it for you!"

While they were talking, the screen shifted to the filming site. It was still in perfect order. All the people present were working in an orderly manner. A reporter stood in front of the screen with a microphone in his hand, and said, "As ''The Heroine entered a hot shot. However, in the scene of a cliff fighting yesterday, the heroine Yana suddenly deviated from her original wire route, which meant she fell off the cliff in an instant. Fortunatel

re anyone else could realize what was happening. The horse was taken aback and lifted its front hooves with neigh. Startled, the horse fell to the ground. Yana fell down from the back of the horse. When everyone was still exclaiming, Albert suddenly leaped forward and fetched the horse in a flash. He wrapped his arms around Yana's waist and pulled her into his arms. The chilly armor she was wearing made him feel very uncomfortable, which made him realize his feeling even clearer. The woman in his arms now made him so secure

Yana was still suffering from the shock when she saw the familiar face. Surprised, she stared at him in disbelief. Was it a dream? Shouldn't he be in C City? Why is he here? Was she still sleeping? Was she dreaming? But why was this dream so real? Even the pain on her leg was so clear?


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