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   Chapter 170 love at the first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4708

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"Because what I love is... It's you!" Betty touched his chest softly, which was one of their most intimate behaviors in the past. However, she had forgotten that it was in the past, not now.

Even Albert didn't expect that he would suddenly take a step back because of the sudden intimate move of Betty. The sudden distance between the two people made them stunned at the same time. Feeling a little embarrassed, Albert rubbed his nose and said, "It's already evening. How about we go out for a meal together?"

"Great! I would like some French cuisine."

"Okay!" He buttoned up his suit in a hurry and then turned around to walk out without looking back at Betty who was standing behind him.

Seeing his receding figure, she felt depressed. It had only been five years since they last met. Why did he become so strange? Was that woman named Yana really that tempting to him? Why did he become the one she was not familiar with?

Breathing in a sigh of relief, Betty walked out with a smile on her face. Albert had picked up the car key and waited for her. Seeing her come out, he smiled and they walked out together.

They took the private elevator of the president to get off together. All the staffs were watching their actions in surprise. They found that the relationship between the two was absolutely indescribable! 'It's strange that this woman is not famous. No one knows that CEO Al

ll-known director, joined in it, and it brought a lot of gimmicks. In addition to the scandals about Yana, it could be said that this film was popular before it was broadcast. If it was not because my second brother's schedule was so tight and he joined in, I'm afraid that it would become the biggest dark horse this year!"

"Okay," Hearing Albert's eloquent words, Betty could only nod in silence. She knew very little about the business empire of Albert.

Noticing that Betty's interest was fading away, Albert stopped his at once. He rubbed his nose, turned his head around and looked outside. All of a sudden, he burst into laughter. While hearing his laughter, Betty was drinking tea. When she raised her head, she saw that he was smiling and looking outside. Puzzled, she turned her head to look to the direction where Albert was sitting. An entertainment news was playing on the LED TV opposite, which was about Yana's video.

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