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   Chapter 169 first sight love

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Christine was shocked by what he said, but she knew that he had been very good to her since childhood. When they were together, Richie's relationship with Christine was not inferior to her relationship with Albert at all. However, since she knew the meaning of the child engagement, her feeling for him was confused and was getting weaker and weaker. She never hated Richie. If she hadn't known him since childhood, she would have liked such a man. But it was because they were so familiar with each other that she had always regarded him as her family member and never thought of anything else!

"Richie, can you be more like a man in front of me? I have told you many times that I will never love you no matter you loves me or not! Could you please show some dignity in front of me as the grandson of the king of Saudi Arabia? Why do you let me trample on your dignity again and again?"

"I never have self-esteem in front of you! I don't have any dignity before you! "

His words shocked Christine once more. She turned around and was about to slap him again. But when she saw the red mark on his face that hadn't gone away and the decisiveness in his eyes, she couldn't do anything but just looked at him blankly, but her tears suddenly rushed out of her control. She threw herself into his arms and cried helplessly and squatted on

ional luxury brand can wear a tie for me. I'm so looking forward to it!" Albert smiled and didn't stop Betty.

Hearing his teasing words, Betty smiled sheepishly. She kept tying the buttons for him, took out a tie and carefully tied it for him. Then she picked up his suit jacket and helped him put it on.

"I remember that you didn't wear a suit before I left! At that time, you were always wearing simple T-shirts, jeans and sneakers. Although they were not brand-name clothes, I still felt that being with you was the most real thing! But when I came back, I found that you didn't wear any simple clothes anymore, but the expensive suits and shoes. I finally felt that it was reasonable for me to choose a design major. Otherwise, I would not be able to keep up with you in any case."

"Why do you have to follow my steps? It's the most important to do anything that you like, isn't it?"

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