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   Chapter 167 love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4637

Updated: 2020-01-30 00:02

It was early in the morning. In the villa, Carter was sitting on a wheelchair on the terrace outside the living room and reading today's newspaper. When Christine went downstairs slowly, she headed to the door without taking a look at her father, who was sitting on the terrace and reading the newspaper. Carter was good at listening and observing. As soon as he saw her, he asked, "Where are you going?"

As soon as she heard his voice, Christine stopped. She turned to look at him angrily, "Are you going to put me under house arrest? Do I have to get your permission to go anywhere? We live in a society ruled by law. Even if you are my father, you don't have the right to intervene me!"

"You can find a lawyer to defend your personal freedom or file a lawsuit to the court, but the judge will tell you whether I have the right or not!" Carter was leisurely reading the newspaper, seeming not to care about his daughter's anger. However, it was only this sentence that made Christine shut her mouth.

Because she knew her father too well. There was nothing he couldn't do!

She then took a deep breath, turned around and was about to go upstairs. But Carter added, "Finish all the breakfast on the table!"

"I have no appetite, I don't want to eat!"

Suddenly, Carter put the newspaper on the table heavily, rolled his wheelchair and came to her. He stared at her and said, "

r relationship began to ease! It's just a small step. We are further from success! You are going to wait and see how I will make your disobedient girl obedient to me!"

Bella was almost speechless with this man who was getting more and more childish as time went by. She said on the phone, "Well, okay. I'd like to see who is the one subdued by another in the end! Don't forget that you are isolated and helpless, but there are many military counsellors by the side of Christine. Although they are not your opponents when facing each other alone, if they gang up against you, you must know clearly how dangerous it is to carry on a secret affair! Albert is more powerful than you. You'd better be careful!"

"If Albert dares to oppose me this time, I will not be polite to him!"

"Will you beat him to death? Do you still think you were the man 20 years ago? Thanks to he is our son, otherwise he would have hit you!"

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