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   Chapter 166

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4114

Updated: 2020-01-29 00:48

The car that Nancy drove was parked on the street outside. Hence, Yana had to walk on her own during this period of time. She walked along a wet track this morning with her heavy suitcase. The wheels of the suitcase thumped, adding to the lonely morning atmosphere.

When she thought of the kiss that had just happened to be on Albert's face, her heart was beating wildly and her face turned red. She had never behaved so boldly before. She didn't even know what he thought. She just kissed him without scruple...

Fortunately, he was still sleeping. If he had been conscious, if he had known that she had kissed him, if he had just accepted her... Yana might not kiss him, if he had been still awake! Yes, she only dared to kiss him when he was asleep. She was just the one that he cared most in public, and she would never be the one deep in his heart...

A dash of disappointment flashed through her eyes. Dragging her luggage, she slowly made her way to Nancy's car. Seeing that Yana came out from a distance, Nancy walked up to her and said, "Hey, Yana, you finally come out! Everyone is waiting for you, you know? Hurry up! " As she spoke, Nancy helped her carry the luggage into the car and drove fast to the airport.

tsiders! Thinking of those years when Carter proposed to her and brought his daughter to a high-profile life, she was speechless. But now, things were different. It was also a kind of happiness for two people to be together peacefully.

However, her daughter and Carter were both stubborn. Before her daughter went abroad at the age of fifteen, she had been the only one who lived between Carter and Christine. Now, things turned out to be like this. Even though she was usually envious, that was sweet and happy jealousy. Now it was a real headache for her!

Now she left home, leaving Carter and Christine at home. Carter was worried that Christine ran away again, so he didn't come to see her off this time. This time, Carter and Christine were against each other. Let them be. We'll see who compromise first. '!

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