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   Chapter 165

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He looked at Yana's retreating figure silently, feeling a bit disappointed.

Suddenly, Yana's voice came from her mouth. "Oh, I'm going out to work. Are you going back to live? "

"Don't I have a reason to stay? Why do you have to drive me away? Although you have hired a nanny to take care of him, I have a good time with Joe. I think there is nothing wrong for me to stay with him? You can rest assured and leave. I will take good care of Joe! "

Seeing that he was eager to have a try, Yana didn't know how to put it in a good word. She continued to pack her things with her head down.

The next day, Yana woke up early. She intended to cook the last breakfast for Joe. The confinement lady came half an hour after Yana got up. Noticing her, Yana cautiously asked her to come in and said to her, "Aunt Lucy, since my brother has a heart disease, you need to be careful when you talk or do something at home. He has just received the surgery, so we can't let anything go wrong this time! This is the menu I made. You have to follow the instructions of every dish. Don't make any mistakes. I know you're an experienced old lady, so I believe you ca

elt as if thousands of bugs were biting his heart. He raised his hand and put it on his face. His skin was scorching, which reminded him of Yana's scent!

His mind was in a total turmoil. He didn't know what to do. He was wild with joy when she kissed him. But his mind told him that Yana wasn't the one he would spend the rest of his life with Because...

Why? It seemed that now everything could no longer be a reason. He had no reason to refuse. But when it came to Betty, he couldn't accept Yana to be his woman...

He must be like some loathsome man whose parents were rich playing with girls' affections. This is just how he looks like! But what could he do? He just felt so uncomfortable. A sense of guilt surfaced and completely engulfed him in the mist

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