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   Chapter 162

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4303

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After a long time of stalemate, Betty put down the spade in her hand, took off her apron, and walked out. She stood in front of Yana. She was tall, about half a head taller than Yana. Besides, her figure was also very good, even better than those young models in the entertainment circle! But Yana recognized the traces of her refined body.

She was tall and wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes, so when she stood in front of Yana, Yana looked even more petite. A smile played at the corners of Betty's mouth. She said, "I didn't know it was you! Maid of Albert! You are so early! I want to have a candlelight dinner with Albert tonight. Can you do me a favor? You know, my hands have designed the most precious jewelry in the world. Our company has bought me an insurance of tens of millions of dollars! "

"Really? " Yana sneered, "I'm sorry, but I don't think Mr. Albert will come back tonight. He just called me and asked me to pack up some things for him. Maybe he won't come back to live in these days! "

Hearing that, Betty's face froze all of a sudden. She asked, "What do you mean? Has Albert moved out? "

"I don't know if he will move or not. Mr. Albert said that, so I did it! By the way, how did you get in here? Do you have the key? "

"Haha, this is a house

ana moved a little farther, he caught up with her and asked, "What happened? Why do you look so strange? If you have something in your mind, just tell me. Don't hide it from me. I know you feel bad, and so do I! I'll apologize if I offend you. You are a woman of mercy! But your brother just laughed at me! "

"That's right! A man like you should be put in the boiling water and be punished severely! " While speaking, Yana held the knife at Albert! "Hey, what's wrong on earth? Why are you so angry? Are you angry because I asked you to get some clothes? Okay, okay. Next time, I'll go and get it, okay? "

At the mention of taking clothes, Yana suddenly lost her arrogance. She turned around and looked seriously at Albert. "You can go back and live in your house. You shouldn't live in a place like this. You should go back to your colorful world! :"

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