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   Chapter 161

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 3615

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Lying on the bed, Yana was reviewing the scripts. There were not many scenes that needed to be acted in the past few days, but they weren't the shooting schedule of the fight. The shooting had just taken place at the border's urgency, and it was about to start filming the story of replacing Vivian's father to battle. Since Yana valued this play so much, she tried her best to get rid of the title of vase and hoped to be the first one in the entertainment circle in the future!

He climbed onto the bed, lay next to Yana and looked at the script in her hand affectionately. "How are you doing at the film set? Is everything going well? "

"Well, not bad! But I have to thank you for helping me. I've been in the entertainment industry for a long time. The new actors chosen are all very professional. We all get along well with each other. We're very happy. And this time Mrs. Bella is here, no one dares to play tricks in public. "

"That's good! Then I can rest assured! My mom told me that you were going to the mountain to shoot a movie. I guess you'll live there.

ing dinner in a hurry and wearing an apron, her heart sank to the bottom of the valley. As if struck by lightning, she stood there with her head tilted to one side. She stared at her figure without a blink, and her heart was torn apart again. Blood dropped onto the floor one by one...

Seeming to hear the noise, Betty, who was cooking in the kitchen, suddenly turned back and shouted happily, "Albert, you're back... " But when she just finished her words, she found out that it was not Albert who came back, but Yana!

The atmosphere between them was a little odd. With a mocking apron, Betty was holding a spade in her hand, and Yana was just looking at her sideways. The two looked at each other in this way...

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