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   Chapter 160

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4139

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Upon hearing what Yana said, the two boys ran towards the table and were about to eat. Yana had prepared three bowls of rice and placed them in front of them. Looking at them enjoying the meal, Yana's smile widened. It was great to have a home!

"Come and eat more! " Yana happily picked up some vegetables into their bowls. She put his least favorite vegetables into his bowl. When the vegetables were in his bowl, it suddenly occurred to her that he didn't eat any green vegetables. She was so scared that she wanted to pick up the vegetables for him, but he picked them quickly with his chopsticks and put them into his mouth with relish.

Seeing that he didn't care about it, Yana bit her lips and got herself ready. Then she took the rice from her bowl. At this moment, they put her favorite dish into her bowl with chopsticks at same time.

Surprised, Yana raised her eyes to look at Albert and then at Joe. Joe smiled and said, "Yana, you should eat more too. Don't ignore yourself just because of taking care of Albert and me. "

"Yeah, you're right. You just need to take good care of yourself. We're men, "Said Albert.

"Yes! " Joe nodded his head approvingly.

Looking at the dishes in her bowl, Yana raised her

clean up the closet and put away all the clothes that he had hastily put into the closet in an orderly fashion.

However, his eyes wandered with Yana, absent mindedly. The moment he saw Yana in his shirt, his heart raced. He saw Yana's legs wandering in his shirt.

Albert couldn't help coughing, but Yana didn't care about it at all. She stood on tiptoe to put clothes away. After she finished packing, she turned her head and saw the ferocious eyes of Albert. She frowned slightly and said, "Bastard! " Then she threw away his pajama and smashed it on his face. "Take a shower first! "

He grabbed his nightgown and couldn't help laughing, which made Yana's face turn red and her heart race. Then he went out, took a shower and put on the nightgown that Yana had found for him, and returned to the bedroom elegantly.

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