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   Chapter 157

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"Don't you know Christine's temper? She is more stubborn than my father! Once she is sure about this, she will never be persuaded! " He sighed slightly, raised his head and drank all the wine in the glass. Then he stood up and intended to leave.

"Let's drink it all, shall we? "

"No, thanks. " He smiled bitterly. "Tonight my father and Christine had a big fight. And just now, Christine even had a big fight with me because I didn't help her. She's extremely upset now. I'm afraid that she'll get angry again and lose control of her emotions, so I'd better go home. "

"Well, all right. I'll save this two bottles for you. When you have time, we'll drink together. "

"Okay! " With a smile, he turned around and left.

As a result, he returned to the villa at the end instead of the blue water bay.

When Yana woke up in the morning, she found herself alone in the room, feeling cold all over. To her, living in a big house was not a happy thing. The house was spacious and she was the only one living in this big house. Now she could finally understand what he had been feeling in his heart. If there was only one person living here, it would be absolutely lonely and desolate. Besides, the house was bought for the woman he loved most before, but that person had

After putting them in the bags, she finally took them to the apartment of the blue water bay.

Yana made many of his favorite dishes. Sitting at the table, she stared at the clock on the wall. It was past 12 p.m., but he still didn't come back. But Yana's heart ached. The dishes were still on the table, but she hadn't even touched them yet. Yet, she hadn't been able to enjoy them all by herself

The next day, Yana finished work early. Today was the day that her brother, Joe, was discharged from the hospital. She had to pick him up and drive him back to their home.

Because Joe had just had a surgery and was still very weak, but he clamored to say that he wanted to go home. Yana asked Moore about it and knew that it was the same as at home or at the hospital as long as Joe took a good rest. Then she felt relieved and came to pick him up.

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