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   Chapter 155 love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4090

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"I don't want to talk to you anymore!" All of a sudden, she gave him a hard push and shut him off from the outside.

When he was about to break in, he thought of Christine's crying face and her clumsy attitude. He put his hand down, turned around and went downstairs. On the stairs, he saw Mrs. Bella who was carrying a glass of milk upstairs.

Seeing the frustrated expression of Albert, Bella couldn't help laughing and asked, "What's wrong? Even you were bullied by a junior? It's the first time I've seen it!" After taking a look at the closed door, Bella couldn't help but sigh. "Since childhood, both you and your father have spoiled her so much, which is why she is so capricious. In fact, your father did nothing wrong. After all, Richie was brought up by us. It's just that Christine doesn't like him. No matter how good he is, it's not good in her heart!"


"Are you going back? It was so late now and it's troublesome to toss around. How about you sleep here? I've arranged for someone to clean up your room. If you stay here, you two can talk to each other at any time. As you know, your father and Christine begin to fight with each other as soon as they speak. My words are useless!"

"Okay, I'll

family lived here, so he would come here as long as he had time off. Although he didn't like this kind of place, he didn't want to let his friends down. So as long as there were parties, he would come back. He just didn't drink much.

It was ten o'clock, the best time for the nightclub at night. When Loren saw the arrival of Albert, he smiled and walked over to say hello to him. At the same time, he saw Richie standing behind Albert. He was surprised and said, "Oh, my God! Isn't that Mr. Richie? Why did you come back all of a sudden? Oh my God!"

"I just came back and was pulled here by Albert!"

"Of course! It's necessary to hold a welcome party for Richie! Well, let me handle this tonight. I have several bottles of fresh good wine here. They are the best taste for Albert! Let me take it to you!"

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