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   Chapter 153 love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4517

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However, when everyone thought that things were going to be smooth and they would welcome the birth of the child in Bella's womb, things suddenly changed!

Sitting in the car, Carter looked at a pile of documents with knitted eyebrows and could not help but sign on these documents with headache. Sitting beside him, Bella felt bored and took photos with her mobile phone. From time to time, Carter looked up and put his face into the mobile screen to take some sweet photos with her. The car ran steadily towards the hospital.

However, the car was jolting suddenly, and a photo was taken out of balance. Bella frowned and deleted it, intending to take another one. Frowning, Carter wrapped his arms around Bella's waist and asked, "What happened?"

"Master Look at the back!"

The driver said lightly. Carter turned his head and took a look at it, then he immediately said, "Speed up, don't let them catch up!"

"Yes, sir!" The driver answered and then drove the car fast boldly.

Bella turned around and saw a few black cars were chasing after them. But it was in the downtown area. There were so many people on the street that the car couldn't drive fast. "Who are these people?"

"They are not good men anyway!" Carter put all the documents in his pocket and held Bella tightly in his arms. He looked at the back with a frown an

though the sound stopped and everything calmed down, no one dared to shout out for fear of death.

Several cars had been turned around in the square, and the car that Bella and Carter were riding had fallen to the ground. The blood slowly flowed out of the car, and flew for a long time

The policemen soon arrived and surrounded the shopping mall. On the other hand, Jacob, who had got the news, also arrived at the spot in the first time. He felt dizzy when he saw the damaged car.

He quickly grabbed his car and started searching for Carter. The car was turned over, and the three people in it were slowly lifted out. The driver died on the spot. Bella only got some minor bruises since she was held in Carter's arms. However, she was pregnant and the situation was not clear. Carter's condition was also in an extremely terrible situation. Jacob suspected that Carter had lost his breath.

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