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   Chapter 152 Marry me

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Marry me

Carter frowned and looked at the household register in front of him. He sighed and said, "Jacob, in fact, you don't have to do that! We had decided to have only this child. Although Bella was still very suspicious of this child, I really took it as my own child, and she was really my child, I have child!"

"I know! But there is nothing I can do! As you know, considering Davis' health condition and his current status, he was born to be the leader of the organization and he had no other choice. But his health is really bad. Although I have already retired, your sister-in-law and I are still worried about this son. So maybe after your baby is born, I will live with your sister-in-law in Riyadh. Moore will go to school together with Aaron in the future. Brian and Albert have to rely on you guys in the future!"

"Then there is no need to adopt your son! When Albert grows up and knows this matter, how do you think he will face you? Are you ditching him?"

Before Carter could finish his words, Bella slapped him on his leg. However, it was too late. Stella stood up suddenly and ran out. Looking at her back, Jacob frowned and sighed slightly.

At the sight of this, Bella rushed out of the room as well. When she saw Stella crying by the pool, she walked up to her and put her hands around her shoulder, saying, "Sister, if you're really so sad, you can use the household reg

how could he grow up? I know what I'm doing!"

Hearing his brother's words, Carter fell into silence, thinking that his elder brother's words were reasonable. "Then why didn't you tell Stella? She is really upset!"

"It doesn't matter. When she arrives Riyadh, she will have no time to be sad! She would be busy with the matter of Davis! But you have to take care of the two kids. You must be more careful!"

"That's not the key to the problem. Jacob, don't worry. I will take good care of the two kids. However, the problem of F Area should not be handled by yourself. My legs are broken, but my hands are not! If you have any problem, just tell me. I will try my best to help you!"

"Okay, wherever we goes, we won't leave each other!" Smiling, Jacob patted Carter on the shoulder. Many things had changed these days, and everyone had no time to deal with it. But this haze would soon pass, and everything would be clear!

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