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   Chapter 151 love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4117

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The car turned round, made a sharp turn, and stopped steadily at the parking lot of a restaurant. Yana screamed and leaned over the windshield, still suffering from the shock. She looked up at Albert and saw that he was sitting on the driver's seat and enjoying the scenery in front of him with a gloomy face.

"Get off, here we are!"

Yana raised her head and saw the car parked in front of a western restaurant. But was there anything wrong with what she said just now? She was a thoughtful servant. Knowing that someone was going to ask him out, she considerately asked him to put her down and make an appointment with another lady. Was she wrong? How could he be so angry?

Heaving a sigh, Yana got out of the car with Albert. The wind was so strong outside that Yana shivered with cold, as if she was wearing thin clothes. She had to follow him. It was really warm in the restaurant!

They found a table and sat down randomly. After he ordered several specialties, he silently picked up his phone to play with it. But just as he took out his phone, it rang. It was an unfamiliar number. But he still held it and said, "Hello, this is Albert!"

"Hello, Albert, I'm back..."

The dinner was packed up and taken t

speak in this way whenever you see her after she went to study in Country B."

"It's all my fault. I spoiled her too much! As for the bastard Albert, he took all the blame for her, which made her so lawless! This time, I will not listen to her anymore."

"Dad, is Christine back?" Albert came into their sight in time. After seeing that Carter was about to lose his temper again, Carter threw a pillow to him, and Albert caught it with his hands and feet before throwing it onto the ground again. "How dare you say that! She almost pissed me off to death!"

Bella walked over and said, "Christine is upstairs. You can go to see her. Christine has always been obedient to you since childhood. You'd better talk to her nicely. Don't let her take unnecessary pains to study insignificant problems with her father! "

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