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   Chapter 150 love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4107

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"Sister, don't be nervous. I'm not a fragile child. But you held me too hard just now. The cutter point on my body hasn't grown well after operation, so I felt a little pain." He then smiled and said, "Yana, you didn't come here last time. Albert was with me for a long time. He told me what happened these days It turns out that I had been sleeping for such a long time unknowingly!"

"Yes, this time, you were really sleepy. You slept even longer than me! Don't do that next time! You should go to bed early and get up early, only in this way can you be healthy, you can't always sleep like this. Do you know how I'm worried about you?"

"Well, I won't do that again. I'll go to bed early and get up early every day. I will make breakfast for you. You can take the breakfast to the film set! I will stay by your side and take good care of you from now on. I will never let you suffer alone any more! You had taken care of me for ten years, and I have to pay you back for ten years!"

Yana's heart ached. She had forgotten that Joe could only survive for ten years with this heart "Why ten years? I tell you, although I had taken care of you for ten years, I had been taking care of you since you were only a child. D

re you okay? Are you sick? Why didn't you tell me that you were ill? Is it serious? Which hospital are you in? Need I go to see you now?"

"No, you needn't. It's not me. One of my friends was ill. I was worried about him, so I was in the hospital to take care of him. And I'm on my way home now, so you don't have to see me in the hospital."

"Here is the thing... Albert, could you come out now? I want to see you..."

"I'm sorry that I can't make it tonight. It's too late. Let's make an appointment on another day. Bye." Without waiting for Betty's reply, he hung up the phone and drove with a slight frown.

Yana looked at Albert and said, "If you have something urgent, you can go first. It's not far away from home. I can run home myself. After all, she must be very sad if you declined her invitation."

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