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   Chapter 149

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4225

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"Well, I don't think so. And thank the media for caring about my brother. He will feel it and keep it in mind. "

"Well, the interview is over. It's over! " Nancy strode over to hold Yana's arm. They were back to filming after a long time of escaping.

As the shoot of The Heroine was getting well on the right track, all the media started to observe it. Recently, the entertainment news was everywhere about her.

"For her son's girlfriend, Mrs. Bella started to shoot a movie. "It was said. "Ricky International spent 500 million dollars to make a golden version: The Heroine. "It was said that Mr. Albert was in love with a woman in the hospital. She seemed to be an excellent general and a top leader in the entertainment circle. Miss Yana shot a movie named The Heroine for her brother. It was only for the dream country of her younger brother... "

A flurry of news and fierce hype swept over the whole street of C City. All of a sudden, everyone was talking about whether the new girlfriend of Mr. Albert was Yana or not. But most people still thought Yana was his girlfriend. It was just a hot discussion online. Some people believed that the two were truly in love, while some believed that Yana just wanted the power of the company by marryin

deep laughter in the room.

Tears streamed down Yana's face. She ran to the bed and held Joe tightly, crying, "Joe, are you really awake? Are you really all right? You know what? You scared the shit out of me! If it weren't for you to be fine, I wouldn't know what to do... Joe, Joe! "

"Yana, you... Be gentle... " Joe coughed weakly. It was obvious that he was not used to the sudden hug.

Hearing what Joe said, Yana let go of him. She was so excited that she forgot what the doctor had said. He could not speak loudly, laugh or walk fast in the future... "Joe, I'm sorry that I hurt you! Do you feel uncomfortable? Please tell me if you don't feel good, okay? If you had told me earlier last time that you were not feeling well, a lot of things would not have happened later, and the treatment wouldn't have been delayed either. "

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