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   Chapter 148 love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4377

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The press conference went on smoothly. As the chief director, Bella led the whole crew to worship the Buddha and pray for the shooting to be successful. After that, she personally initiated a big ship sent by the board of Ricky International, indicating that everything wound go smoothly. The media's flash had never stopped. They took pictures of Yana under her cooperation.

The opening ceremony began. The main characters decided to answer all the reporters' questions one by one.

"Miss Yana, this is the first time that you have worked together with Andrew. Do you have any feeling about it?"

The first question put forward by the reporter was such an embarrassing question. Yana was speechless. She smiled and looked at Andrew who was standing next to her. He also smiled at her. Then Yana said, "I haven't had much experience in photographing. However, Mr. Andrew has been struggling in this industry for many years. I don't mean he is old. I mean he was young when he started out in the entertainment industry and he had more experience than I did. So I think he will be my best teacher! It felt He will be a good brother who knows how to take care of people!"

"Wow, you give an official answer! Don't you feel a little bit tempted just because I'm so handsome?" Andrew tried to lighten

im to the dream country!"

"You have been treating each other good! I'm so jealous!" "In fact, there is nothing to admire. If you have a brother who is seriously ill, you will know why I did so. My brother is my only family, my only hope to live. Only when he is alive can I have the courage to live on."

"Isn't your brother the lyricist of Fate? If so, he was sort of an insider of entertainment circle! Have you ever thought about promoting your brother into the entertainment industry as well?"

"He doesn't want to work in the entertainment industry, so I'll respect his choice. After all, he was only a teenager now and had not grown up completely. He still had a long way to go and needed to explore by himself. Of course, I'm hope that he will realize his dream, which is also my dream!"

"So, Yana, if your brother will write songs on the play, will he?"

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