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   Chapter 145 love at first sight

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Speaking of this, Moore could hardly go on speaking. He leaned on the railing and looked up at the clouds floating in the sky with tears in his eyes. He had no idea how many times he had faced the dangerous moments when Davis was on the verge of death. Every time when he faced the breathless Davis lying on the operating table, he felt that he was almost suffocating! Because the one lying there was not anyone else, but his own brother!

"Albert, you haven't lived with Davis since you were a child, so you have no idea how he had survived all these years. But I know! The only reason I'm alive is to save Davis, but I've never been able to complete this task. I'm even too ashamed to die! So even Davis has never hated father and mother, and I have never hated father and mother. You should not hate them! No parents would be willing to give their own children to others. If it was not because they had no choice at that time, you might go to F Area with me and go to the island to face the life and death of Davis, and your life would be like that of Barry and Lacy right now! Every day they're living on knife and blood, and they're in danger at anytime and anywhere..."

"Maybe you feel that life is good now, but as your family, no one would like to see their fami

ot around didn't mean he didn't care, not grew up together didn't mean he didn't care about his feelings.

He pressed his lips and kept silent with his head bowed.

Moore let out a long breath and said, "Are you moved by the love between Yana and her brother? They were devoted to each other. How could one not be moved? Very few girls can be this strong. I'm impressed."

"Moore, I'm going back. Yana might not be emotionally stable enough."

"Yes." Then he turned around and left.

Looking at his receding figure, Moore gave out a slight smile. The scheme seemed to be a little easier to unfold. It seemed that Yana would be Albert' lucky star? However, both of them were stubborn people, and would never make concessions. Their future was really troublesome! However, they were happy to see that there was a person who could change Albert!

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