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   Chapter 144 love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4228

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"Then act as a sister! Do you really think that you two will be fine because of the illness? If you don't even know how to take care of yourself, then you shouldn't show up in front of Joe, which would be a disgrace! Joe hasn't woken up yet, so he can't see you like this. If he wakes up and sees you like this, you'll be the laughingstock in front of him! I've sent people to take care of Joe. You don't owe me anything and you don't need to pay me back. You can rest assured to take care of yourself here." "I'm not sick I just lost too much blood!"

Without uttering a single word, Albert turned around and left. Yana lay on the bed quietly and gazed at the receding figure of Albert with a worn out look. It seemed that he didn't say anything wrong. But how could he know her feelings now? The man lying in the ward was her brother, who was severely injured. But she also needed to take good care of herself. If her brother was saved, she needed to have a good body to take care of him. She couldn't let her brother see her weakness, no!

Thinking of this, although Yana didn't want to sleep, she closed her eyes and forced herself to fall asleep slowly. In that dream, her parents were still alive by her side, and her younger brother chased after her

Davis. The operating equipment was so cold and the scalpel was so cold that it stabbed into Davis's body again and again The man lying on the operating table was my brother. It's like a knife stabbed into my body. I wished I could bear it for him! After all, it was our parents' fault that had brought so much suffering to our eldest brother. Our parents had never had a good sleep for all these years! Do you think they will live well these years when they feel sad for Davis who has been ill, for you and Brian who have been in A Country without any information? Faced with our eldest brother, I don't know many times how he endured it! He was so badly injured. No matter how painful he was, he wouldn't tell us about it! Besides, Davis was so busy with his work. Every day he sat in front of the computer, he had no time to take a rest..."

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