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   Chapter 142

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"Then let me ask you. Isn't your duty to maintain world peace? Your job is to collect information about every place? Then why don't you report the news to the superior and flatten this force? Are you fair and impartial? "

Hearing what he had said, Lewis was rendered speechless. He could do nothing but dry coughs. Then, the smile on his face appeared. It made the day sunny and the sky was shining. He grinned and said, "Hi, beautiful super star. My name is Lewis Ye! I'm a good brother and friend of Albert! "

"Nice to meet you. My name is Yana Zhong. " Yana nodded perfunctorily. When she turned her head to look at the door of the operating room again, he felt deeply frustrated. It was the second time that he had been ignored by women since he had been born Now he didn't know where she was...

A hint of sadness flashed through his eyes, which was too quick to be captured by others. But it was enough for Albert to notice it. He sighed helplessly. Their family seemed to have difficulty in love. Everyone would stumble on the road of love, and took a long time to find the one he loved in this life. Then, who would he love

a sigh and said, "The result is not bad. There is no rejection in Joe's body, but as long as he doesn't wake up, it means that he is still in danger. As for Yana... She had lost too much blood. For the sake of her brother, she had gone all out. Even if she could not live, she wanted her brother to live well... She was a great sister! During these days, you should cook some nutritious food for her to recuperate her body. She was not in good health before. She had a slight feeling of malnourished. What's more, I'm afraid that she would get sick if her body can't be taken good care of. Well, I have been tired for so long. Can you let me have a rest? "

Moore shrugged and didn't know what to say. Albert only cared about Yana and Joe, but not him!

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