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   Chapter 139

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4287

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"Lewis... I don't know what's wrong with me. I didn't have such feelings since she disappeared five years ago! I really don't know what to do! I should be thrilled to see Betty coming back, but I'm unable to cheer up when I see Yana like that! But there's nothing I can tell to Betty or to Yana I'm really conflicted! "

Lewis raised his head and drank a glass of wine. The wind blew his short hair a little messy. "Do I need to ask? Albert, you fall in love with the girl named Yana! You don't have to deny it! "

"Do I love her? Impossible! A lot of girls have shown up in front of me these years. Some are prettier and smarter than her. Some are gentler than her, and some are more aware of me than she is. Some are more like Betty I have never fallen in love. I have been wondering if I really have lost the power of love. So I can't fall in love with someone else. "

"It's not that you lose the power of love, but that you are deceiving yourself as well! Are you really in love with Betty, Albert? Maybe it's because you find yourself lack love. She came into your life all of a sudden and you think she fill in the void in your heart! There is only one reason why you don't want to see other women these years. You want to pretend to be a Casanova, and you want to

most unable to be seen with a smile. "Yana, I can smell the delicious food you cook from a long distance! I know you must have cooked my favorite food today! "

"Yes, a little glutton! " Said Yana with a smile. Then she opened the lunch box and handed it to Joe. As soon as he saw the dishes inside, he let out a loud laugh and exclaimed, "Wow, Yana, I love you so much! I haven't eaten such delicious food for a long time! No matter how delicious other people's cooking is, I think the food that you cook is the most delicious one! "

"Stop sucking up to me! After you leave the hospital, I will ask you to cook for me every day, and cook my favorite food! Do you remember my favorite food? "

"Of course I remember! You like sweet and sour fish the most! After I leave the hospital, I will cook you your favorite sweet and sour fish every day! "

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