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   Chapter 138 love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4216

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"Thank you!" Taking a sip of her coffee, Yana turned around and looked at the leaves flying in the air. She felt an inexplicable peace of mind. "Mr. Ellis, every time I talk to you, I feel that I have understood a lot."

"Do I become your ...antidote?" Ellis said with a smile, which amused Yana.

When she got home, the room was dark. The first reaction of Yana was that Albert didn't come back! He must be with that woman called Betty right now? Keeping her company to recall their past? Or was he going to review that kind of warmth with her?

The very thought stung her heart. She bent over and covered her chest, weeping silently. She had lived here for so long, but she had never felt like this house was so empty as it was now, which made her feel terrible! This house was bought by Albert for the woman he loved five years ago. He arranged everything here for the woman he loved most. No wonder she always thought the layout of this house was so different from that of Albert. Now, it turned out...

In the past, Yana thought she was just a stand in for someone. Although she didn't want to be a stand in, she had slowly adapted to the place where she lived now. But now she realized that she was not even a stand in for him! She is nobody!

Yun family who were still members of an organization, both Lewis and Hank worked in the National Defense Department, but the scope of their responsibility was different Lewis was in charge of the tracking investigation, and Hank took over the mantle of his father Jenna and played an important role in the Armed Administration Department. Now only the Cheng family's children were still doing their family business. Even so, everyone in C City knew that they should never mess with the Cheng family. The reason was that the four families were all connected. Pull one hair and the whole body is affected!

Jacob, Carter, Jenna, Aaron, York and Yates, they were the best friends who had grown up together, and their children were the best brothers. They believed that their descendants would be as good as biological brothers all the time!

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