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   Chapter 136 love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4246

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Looking at Yana's receding figure, he opened his mouth but said nothing. Yana's face was as pale as death, but he didn't say anything to comfort her? Yana would be sad, was it a normal thing? But if she didn't love him, why did she care? He wondered if her response indicated that she had fallen in love with him, or she had already Fell in love with him?

Rubbing his forehead, he sighed and closed the door. The big bed without sheets and pillows was still so soft and warm, but without a natural warming furnace, it seemed to lose some temperature that could set his mind at rest. It turned out that not only Yana but also himself had developed the habit of depending on others!

He had a bad sleep. When he woke up in the morning, she didn't see Yana in the room. But the breakfast on the dining table proved that she still remembered him! He put on a slovenly robe. Standing at the dining table, he casually picked up the bread covered jam and took a bite. Then he divided the fried eggs into two, ate up it with two bites, and drank up the whole glass of milk. After that, he went to change his clothes and was ready to go to work.

Yana didn't go to other places, but to the hospital. She stayed there for a long time. Looking at his brother who was in

p but laugh. Joe was always the one who could give her hope when she was most sad! Like this time, he could always bring her the greatest joy! Isn't it good to have a brother like him? She prayed for the best on tomorrow's surgery. She hoped the God wouldn't deprive her only brother cruelly. Otherwise, she would lose everything

She prayed to God to be kind to her younger brother. No matter what kind of pain she would suffer, she was willing to do it!

On the way back home, Yana remained silent. What Joe had said kept ringing in her ears. He hoped that Albert could show up during the operation. He was afraid that something might go wrong during the operation. What should his sister do if he left? That's why he is so eager to see Albert, right? But would Albert come? Did he still care about her since Betty came back? I'm not sure!

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