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   Chapter 135 love at first sight

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Hearing that, Yana paused the hand that was frying the steak. Then she apologized, "I'm sorry, Miss Betty, but you are not allowed to come in! Although I'm a maid to serve Albert and I owe him a favor, I can do anything he ask to, but I still have the human rights. It's my room and I have my private secret. If I don't live in that room, it's OK. But now I live in that room, then it's my room, my place. I have the right to protect my privacy. I don't want you to come in, please forgive me! "

"All right..." She was not reconciled, but it was not easy for her to break into her private domain. She could only helplessly turn and throw herself into the arms of Albert, as if she was a spoiled child. "Albert, your maid's status is even better than you! Alas... " It seemed that she was wronged.

Holding her in his arms, Albert smiled and said, "Don't mind. Let's go to the living room." Then they went out together.

It didn't take a long time for Yana to sit all the dishes on the table. She turned around and went into the kitchen to get the bowls and chopsticks. However, when she was seen by Betty, Betty exclaimed again, "really? Didn't I say that I would have a romantic dinner with candles? How could the dishes be so ordinary? Albert, I remember that you don't like these cheap dishes, right? You don't eat vegetables, do you? How could she cook so many vegetables? There are more. Do

hed your sheets, quilts and pillows, but haven't dried them out yet, so you have to sleep on the bed without the bedclothes and pillow cover tonight! "

Then, she passed by his body and carried a pillow and a quilt, heading towards the door.

"Where are you going?" He asked.

Raising her head with a smile, Yana looked at Albert and said, "I'm the servant of you. I'm going to sleep in the maid's room next to yours! Mr. Albert, please get out of the way. It's late and I'm going to bed! "

"Can you stop being angry with me? Sleep tight! " Suddenly, he grabbed her hand and tried to pull her onto the bed. But to his surprise, she shook off his hand and said with an expressionless face, "Mr. Albert, please behave yourself. I'm just your maid! Besides, Miss Betty hasn't left for a long time. Don't let her see us together. It's getting late. You need to get up early for work tomorrow morning. Go to bed early, good night! "

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