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   Chapter 133

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 3952

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Heaving a sigh of relief, Yana went into the house which she was so familiar with, but she saw a red Ferrari sports car parking in a row at the place where he often parked it. She knew it must be a girl's car at a glance! Yana's heart skipped a beat. She began to panic. She forced herself to cheer up and went upstairs.

As soon as she opened the door, she put her bag on the vestibule and took off her shoes. Then she saw a pair of lady's shoes on the shoe cabinet. It was obviously not her shoes! Yana's waist twitched in pain as she stared at the shoes.

A woman's voice came from the living room, "After so many years, I thought this place had been modified by you, but I did not expect that it was still the same as it was when I came in! Albert, do you remember this carpet? We had nothing to do after school, then we bought this on the market! At that time, you were very good at bargaining, with a fierce cutting price. The shopkeeper was shocked by your words. It turned out that the carpet of more than 20000 was bargained to 8000 by you! And here, I like pink very much. At that time, you said that pink was very childish and asked me not to buy it, but I didn't

ard that, it seemed like she was pressed on her back by a mountain. The mountain was as heavy as a thousand pounds. Yana was so nervous that she couldn't catch her breath, and she was frozen there.

He looked at her in a hurry and explained, "She is not my girlfriend. She is just... However... Just my maid! Just a maid! "

"How could it be possible? Albert, this joke is not funny at all! I saw her last night. Although it was just a short glance in the distance, I believe that she must be a very beautiful girl, and Ellis was deeply touched by her. I don't think I have anything to say to make you fall in love with her! So you don't have to care about what I think in my mind. I'm really fine with it! As long as you're happy, I'm okay with everything! So, tell me the truth! "

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