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   Chapter 132

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She was still not in a good mood, but she managed to cheer herself up and made the breakfast. She ate one and another one for Albert, then she took today's garbage to throw into the trash bin.

However, when she walked to the living room, she found that the trash can in the living room was full of glass fragments. One of the pieces was also stained with dark red blood It turned out that he still cared about her? Otherwise, how could he do that? But could she still have hope for this man? Every time there was hope, he would give her a hard blow and let her down

She didn't know how strong she was. Could she take the heavy blow again and again?

Squatting in front of the bin, Yana sighed deeply. Finally, she carried a large bag of trash and walked out of the room with it. She threw the trash into the trash can, clapped her hands, and then turned around to leave!

But Yana thought she didn't care. She worked in the casting group for a whole day and always got distracted by taking a drop of blood. As expected, today's Yana was given a very hard time! Even Bella couldn't help but shake her head. When they were in the next scene, she asked her assistant to buy some drinks to treat everyone. Then she pulle

trol her at all! "

"It's a happy thing to have a family! " She clutched the cup of milk tea in her hand, but she couldn't feel the warmth in her heart. Her life was a tragedy. She lost the love and care of her parents at such a young age, and she had to shoulder all the responsibilities of her only brother. She had to earn the medical fees and tuition. When other girls were in the arms of their parents and spoiled by them, she was cringing herself only for a penny in a world of ice and snow... It was unfair. But as long as her brother was alive, she was willing to do anything!

She came back home all alone. When she walked towards the dump outside the house, Yana stopped. Maybe the rubbish in the daytime had been removed. There was no dirty rubbish here anymore. The blood on the shards stung her heart.

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