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   Chapter 128 love at the first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4283

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"Mr. Ellis, where are we going?" Holding hands, Ellis and Yana ran all the way up to the top floor of the club. Yana followed him, gasping for air. However, when they climbed up to the top, she was shocked by the beautiful scene. In fact, she had already known that the night in C City was very beautiful. That night, on the top floor of the Davis Hotel, Albert took her to see it!

However, she had lost all the beautiful memories that night. When she had thought that she could be together with Albert again, that woman had come back to his for good!

"It's so beautiful here! It's comfortable to be blown here in the evening! " Leaning against the balustrade, Yana looked up at the stars in the sky. Suddenly, the stars in the sky that night flashed through her mind. "Do you know the constellations in the sky?" she asked

"Well, I know a little. Do you want to see it? I have a telescope here! "

"Okay!" Yana gave him a nod. Ellis turned around and brought the telescope, he passed it to Yana. Yana was carrying a telescope. It was not an astronomical one, but she was able to see the sky clearly. Suddenly, she pointed at the consternation in the sky and said, "it's the celestial tomb! Do you know the celestial position? It's said that it's a very strong const

"Now that you accept my gift, it means that we will be friends in the future! Since we are a friend, can I ask your phone number? "

Yana was stunned for a while. Then she smiled and said, "give me your cell phone. I'll input it."

Ellis handed the phone to Ellis. Yana quickly typed a string of numbers and saved her name in the phone. Then she handed the phone to Ellis. He gave a smile and put the phone in his pocket before checking it. Behind them, there were burning fireworks, beautiful beyond words!

It had been a long time before Yana walked alone on the street when darkness had fallen. The street was still full of hustle and bustle. All the people were still discussing about the shocking fireworks. But Yana just sneered and walked aimlessly. This time, she didn't know where she was going. She was like a lost child who lost her way

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