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   Chapter 127 love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 3943

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"She is not an employee of our company. She was just involved in the design this time. She was a person who could come and go freely, and no one had the right to restrain her. So if you want to see her, I will help you make an appointment. But I may not be able to make it! But she may come for the shooting this time. After all, it's her main work! "

"I know!" Yana smiled, "since it's hard for Mr. Ellis to invite her, I'd better quit! After all I'm just an ordinary actress. "

"Please don't call me Mr. Ellis. Call me Ellis!"

Yana shook her head, "I'd rather call you Mr. Ellis. I'm just an ordinary employee." So ordinary that your boss doesn't even notice your existence

All of a sudden, all the lights in the banquet hall turned soft. Yana and Ellis looked towards the direction where the sound came from, and a curtain was put down slowly. Under the dim light, a beautiful figure was sitting in front of the piano, playing the music attentively. It was a very ancient piano song, but Yana had just listened to it - "Castle in the Sky".

She remembered that it was a very ancient song, but it was very famous at that time. But it's not what they should pl

autiously, observing the look on Yana's face.

Yana shook her head and smiled, "Mr. Ellis, why do you think Mr. Albert is my boyfriend? I'm just a very humble person in the company owned by Albert. I just thank him for giving me a job so that I can live on well. We are just boss and subordinate. "

"Then why did you run away as soon as you saw him on the stage? Was it not because you felt heartbroken? And how did you know that Elin's surname is Mo? I don't know Elin have any connections with anyone from A Country! I don't think you know her! "

"I don't know Miss Elin at all. I just heard of her name. Mr. Ellis, if there is nothing else, I want to go first, can I? "

Looking at Yana's face, Ellis didn't know what to say. He just pressed his lips and held Yana's hand.

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