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   Chapter 126 love at the first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4214

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"Mr. Ellis I am the signed artist. All my work is arranged by the company, so... "

"Do you mean I still need to communicate with your boss?"

"No need! I agree! " All of a sudden, Albert stepped forward and stood by Yana's side. He put his hands on Yana's shoulders, as if a thoughtful boss liked this female worker very much. He tried his best to be aggressive and confident.

Seeing Albert standing by her side, Yana finally had a sense of relief. She heaved a sigh of relief and unwittingly leaned her body toward him, as if this was her most powerful backup.

As the lights off the stage were dim, no one noticed the subtle change. However, Ellis, who was standing next to Yana, saw the change, but still smiled at everyone. "It seems that Mr. Albert have developed a mutual understanding with me! Since then, I think you have no reason to refuse me, right? "

Raising her eyes, Yana took a look at Albert. Then she turned to look at Ellis with a smile and said, "since Mr. Ellis is so generous and my boss has agreed, I have no room to refuse! Thank you for giving me this opportunity, Mr. Ellis. I will cherish it! "

"Yana, I believe it will be a choice if I ask you to shoot our advertisement! Why don't we just sign the contract again

n Asia. Why didn't you ask her for help? Why did you choose me instead? "

"Because you are the figure I am looking for!" Ellis said apologetically with a smile, "I'm really sorry I bumped into you last time, making you look like a drowned mouse. I said I would compensate for your lost purse and belongings last time! "

"It's just a valueless thing. Don't keep it in mind. I have forgotten it too. We are just partners. No need to stand on ceremony. "

"But it is truth that I broke your things! Our family doesn't have the habit of damaging other people's things but not pay for it! So I wonder if you have time to wait for me when the party ends. "

"I said you are welcome. I mean it! By the way, although I don't know much about luxuries, I know a famous designer called Elin in A·N Group. Will I have a chance to meet her? "

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