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   Chapter 125 love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 3987

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Everyone applauded warmly. Sitting in the corner, Yana and Emily lifted their eyes and looked at a stage. Then they smiled at each other and continued their conversations. A beam of light hit the entrance of the club. A handsome mixed blood man in a white suit with a beautiful smile walked slowly. His appearance immediately caused all the female in the club to gasp. What a handsome man!

With a smile on his face, Ellis stepped onto the stage and spoke over the microphone, "good evening, everyone. I am Ellis!"

"Wow..." The sound of cheers, like the appearance of an international star, caused a high tide of the party.

With a warm and bright smile on his face, Ellis said in a more attractive voice, "A·N Group has been in A Country for three years. Thank you for your support all these years. I am really grateful for you. I don't think you are familiar with me, so the most important thing for this party is to communicate with you. If I do anything wrong, please kindly understand. "

After a round of loud applause, Ellis put on a smile and said, "I want to announce another thing! There is a girl named Yana on the invitation. Have you arrived? "

As she was chattin

been engaged in foreign products, so the spokesperson for our image has always been enthusiastic and bold European and American stars. This time, since we are going to open the market in A Country, we have to have a spokesperson in line with our image! I've met Miss Yana once, and I've watched some of her TV series. Although I haven't watched all of them, I think she's the best new spokesperson of A-N Group in my heart. So here Miss Yana, would you like to sign the contract with us, the spokesperson of the next year? "

Yana was shocked by Ellis's words. She looked at the man off the stage in panic. She couldn't figure out what was going on in the dark, but she couldn't make the decision for herself, because Albert had promised her that he wouldn't let her take over any contract!

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