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   Chapter 122

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The girl saw the hesitation in Yana's eyes and couldn't help saying, "If you really like the clothes here, we'll deliver them to Mr. Albert's residence later. They're all designed for you. You can just choose one, don't make Mr. Albert wait too long. "

"Oh, then... Take this one. " Yana pulled a dress out of the fitting room. The girl took the dress and had a look at the dress, then she said, "Okay, miss. Let's go to the fitting room and put it on. " Then she took Yana to the fitting room.

After a short while, Yana came out of the fitting room. The girl held her hand and walked towards him. She wanted to get his opinion. Obviously, Albert was amazed by her beauty!

She was in a crimson skirt. The design on one shoulder was simple and elegant. It was suitable for Yana's image. He nodded and said, "Do her hair! "

The girl then took Yana inside. Yana was frustrated. She was at the mercy of these people, yet she couldn't show any dissatisfaction. The designer skillfully combed her hair into a bun. Soon, a beautiful hairstyle came out. It was a cute bun with neatly combed bangs. Then the make-up artist put on a light make-up, which made her look more energet

in she had suffered in the past would be gone at this moment! Suddenly she felt so relaxed!

Looking at the happy smile on Yana's face, Albert became melancholy. He didn't understand why the little woman was so happy. Didn't she feel any sufferings in the past? Or was she really strong enough to endure much hardship? He still remembered what Joe had said. No woman wanted herself to be strong enough to not need anyone to protect her. If she was really that strong, it only meant that she had no one to rely on. She could only rely on herself!

The smile of Yana made his heart ache

The car arrived at the club on time and the party would be held tonight. He opened the door for her like a gentleman. She got off the car, linked her arm into his and walked on the red carpet.

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