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   Chapter 121

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4314

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The next day, she had to go to the set to get everything ready. After spending a whole day there, she had a long chat with the hero, Andrew. She wanted them to get familiar with the movie in advance.

In fact, he was a very popular male star, but not as famous as Brian in the whole Asia entertainment circle. Although he was also very famous, he was not as handsome as Brian, but a bit feminine and beautiful. But it was surprised that with a makeup photo of Andrew yesterday, Andrew could be so feminine and gorgeous.

"I didn't expect the picture you took is so handsome, "Said Yana with a smile, sitting next to Andrew! What a big surprise! I've watched several movies you acted in the past few days. Although I haven't finished all of them, I was convinced by those simple movies! "

"A few moments ago, you've just finished a Tv series with the super star of Asia, Brian. What's your comment on me? "

"Well How to put it? Perhaps in two different feelings. You were elegant and charming, while Brian was naughty and elegant! So it felt different! You turned into a general from a noble prince. You did a great job, "

"I hope that we will have a good cooperation! " He smiled and shook hands with her.

In the afternoon, as expected, John arrived on time. Yana looked

in C City. In addition to that, Stella Chu had never wanted to make the shop big. Even more than 20 years had passed, it was still the same size.

Holding Yana's hand, he walked into the store. All the staff bowed to him hurriedly and greeted, "Nice to meet you, Mr. Albert! "

"I just hope you can do the right thing for her. Remember not to be coquettish or charming, just be cool with it. "As soon as he finished his words, he directly sat down on the sofa in the lounge, picked up a magazine and read it. Meanwhile, the girls in the studio quickly dragged Yana towards the room and started to dress her up specially.

It turned out that the people working here were very professional, and they could pick up a row of clothes which matched her taste in just a few minutes. Yana found that she liked them very much, but she didn't know how to choose.

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