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   Chapter 120

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Yana ignored his question and took the invitation directly. She saw it was an invitation to A·N Group, and her name was on it. Surprised, she asked, "This A·N Group... I don't know him. Why would he invite me? And you have received it. "

"I'm curious too! So I asked the person who sent me the invitation. But he couldn't explain it clearly, he was just asked to send the invitation. I think you are quite popular recently, so the president of A·N Group likes your image and wants to ask you to be the spokesperson! They have been in A Country for several years, and we get along well with each other. So if they really want you to help them, I think Albert will be okay with it! "

"Really? " Yana looked through the invitation again carefully and asked, "Then who is going to run A Country in A·N Group? "

"Ellis An! It was a mixed-race boy who has A Country's name! Very handsome! He is more handsome than my son! "

As soon as this sentence was finished, Yana gave him a stern look and said, "You'd better not let Albert hear it. Otherwise... " Seeing that Yana was massaging her neck, Brian couldn't help but burst into laughter! Hahaha! "

Yana smiled too. He drove her home.

spokesperson. "That's it then. I'll send someone to pick you up tomorrow, and we'll go to the party together. "

"Okay! " Of course, Yana wouldn't say a word. How dare she be dissatisfacted. After she turned around and went into the kitchen, Yana quietly called Brian and said, "Mr. Brian, I'm sorry. I can't go to the party with you tomorrow. When Mr. Albert came back just now, he asked me to go to the party with him tomorrow, so I'm really sorry! "

"Alas, will it be so miserable? Well, since you don't have time to accompany me, as his brother, I should naturally help him make his wish come true! You can go with Albert. I'll find someone to keep me company. "

"Yes. " Hanging up the phone, Yana heaved a sigh of relief. With a sweet smile, she began to concentrate on making dinner.

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