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   Chapter 119

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4140

Updated: 2020-01-20 00:02

"No wonder Albert disobeyed Uncle Carter for you! You know, the most terrible person in my family is not my father, but my uncle! Since childhood, the four of us haven't dared to say anything wrong or do anything wrong in front of my uncle, because if we do that, he might severely punish you! As for Albert, my uncle is particularly strict with him. Because my parents gave Albert to him, he thought he would be guilty to my parents if he didn't teach Albert well. Therefore, from childhood to adulthood, he was the one most afraid of him. But this time, he dared to pluck up my uncle's teeth in fury! He is asking for trouble. "

"He came here just for the box office of the movie! "

"Ricky International has branches all over the world. Albert earns much more money in a minute than that you work hard for a few months to shoot a movie or TV series! He controls the circulation of countless wealth every day, and the box office of your movie is just a drop in the ocean. Do you think he cares about the box office of just a movie? "

"But, Mr. Brian, I think you are all wrong Nothing. He did this probably because of me. As a newcomer, he told Mrs. Bella to take part in the movie just because he thought I couldn't hold on. But ev

r anything else. Besides, we are living in the middle of the era. Why are you still telling me that! Do you want to make friends with me? Would you like to go to the party with me? I cherish you so much. Don't let me down! " Yana didn't know whether to cry or to laugh at Brian's statement. His words sounded like he is a spoiled brat. Yana had no choice but to nod, "Yes, we're friends, but I'm not sure if I can attend the party with you. I have to go back and tell Mr. Albert. If he wants to do this, I will call you. "

"Okay! " Brian couldn't help but laugh. He said, "Oh my God! My brother has won over you! But you have to remember, you are a girl. You must make him listen to you. Only in this way can you have the right to speak! Albert deserves to be taught a lesson. I think you are the right person for that! "

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