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   Chapter 118

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4462

Updated: 2020-01-19 02:35

All the girls raised their eyes to look at her. She tidied her clothes and smiled warmly at them, "I want to say simply. To everyone's surprise, Mr. Albert even invited me out this time. So you should be well aware of how important this movie is for our Expected Film Company! So I hope that everyone can do with all your heart, not to try your best! And I also hope to have a perfect new beginning. Thank you all for your help. When we cooperate together in the future, I think everyone just sees me as a friend, not the so-called Mrs. Bella! "

After the meal, everyone laughed in relief, including Yana.

After the meeting, they drove to inspect the filming base. This was an ancient battlefield, so the two scenes were quite different. One was a gentle land, the other was a desolate land. The story of the whole play was a parent-child of a well-known general who had been living in the beautiful southern regions and lived a simple and happy life. However, one day a war broke out, and her father led his army to battle, but was defeated repeatedly. Seeing that the emperor was furious and wanted to order to kill the general, she decisively fought for her father, but during the war she fell in love with the enemy general, who had defeated her father frequently. One was the hatred between two countries, and the other was her

n only rely on you, then I think it's really unnecessary for me to stay in this circle. Anyway, thank you for visiting my shift. I don't have many friends in this circle. "

"Wow, why do you take me as your friend? Should I celebrate it with fabulous firecrackers? " After he put the bouquet on the table, he turned to look at her and sighed, "Wow, you look gorgeous! I thought you were very beautiful when we cooperated with each other on that TV series. I didn't expect you to be more beautiful in that ancient costume! It would be a great loss for you if you leave the entertainment circle! "

"Really? I was just She was an ordinary woman in the entertainment circle. There are many more beautiful people than me! "

"But no plastic surgery. You are the first one that I have ever seen! " Brian complimented her unstintingly. He was telling the truth. Yana was really beautiful!

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