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   Chapter 117

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Yana's face twitched in disbelief

She took up the chopsticks, picked up a spoon of noodles and put it into her mouth. Her frown suddenly relaxed. The noodles cooked by Albert tasted good, much better than expected. She looked up at him in surprise and asked, "You can cook? "

"Uh huh? "He responded shortly. His eyes were on TV. He didn't even look at Yana. Yana didn't say anything, but bowed her head and ate the noodles with a snore. She was starving, or else she wouldn't eat like that. A large bowl of noodles was eaten up by Yana in just a few minutes.

Yana slumped to the ground and rubbed her bulging belly with an ugly face. "I'm so full! What should I do? What if I get fatter tonight? I'm an actress. My body is the most important... "

"Do you have anything like that? " It was fine that he didn't say anything, but his words were earth shaking news that made Yana want to die.

He cast a glance at Yana and said, "Then go to bed as soon as possible. You have work to do tomorrow. If you are in a bad spirit, not to mention that I invited my mom to work for you, I even hired a Hollywood organization for you. You can't shoot a movie well! "

"Okay. " After that, she stood up, took the empty bowl and chopsticks and went to the kitchen to wash them. When she finished cleaning, she wave

a beauty when she was a child. Although she was now in her forties, she was still beautiful and pure.

Yana took the first place because she was the leading actress of the play, and the person in front of her was the leading hero of the play, Andrew.

From the beginning of the meeting, leaders began to make long speeches, introducing the plan of the play. Yana listened to every word carefully, although she didn't quite understand. Unintentionally looking up, she saw Bella sitting leisurely in a chair, with a faint smile on the face, as if having a sense of control over the overall situation. She was a model for all women in the world! 'When can I be like her? Or one tenth as same as her! But she knew clearly that she didn't have the ability to do that now!

The leader talked for a long time, and finally Bella got up and said, "I have something to tell you! "

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